Questionnaire is a cost-free application that enables you to easily build questionnaires and forms within minutes. The application supports all kinds of HTML elements that you can use without programming knowledge: textfields, radiogroups, checkboxes, list of values, etc.

There are various use-cases supported:
  • Anonymous questionnaire integrated in your web portal
  • Employee questionnaire (to be submitted only once)
  • General application forms for daily usage (listed after authentication)
  • Intuitive webbased user-interface
  • Dynamically create a form or a survey within minutes
  • For each form, user authentication can be enabled
  • Easy graphical reporting
  • Fully customizable
  • Cost-free

Questionnaire was built with Oracle Application Express (APEX). It supports APEX versions 4.0 and higher. For installation instructions, please click here.

If you are looking for professional support, please feel free to contact the consultancy company I'm working for: MT AG.
100% Open Source
Questionnaire is an open source Software. You are entitled to use, modify and redistribute this application according to the license terms stated in the General Public License v2 published by the Free Software Foundation.

Built with Oracle Application Express